Best Practices


Best Practices-1

1. Sensitization of students to the problems of their native places

2. The context that required the initiation of the practice

Students come from mostly rural background with less accessibilities. They come with diverse cultural backgrounds. They understand some of the problems of their areas in a better way. They have struggled hard to come up for higher education. They have ambition to improve conditions of their respective places. Most of the time they are clueless of the direction to move so they agitate and waste their precious energy and sometimes become depressed too. It is very important to channelize their dream and energy in a constructive manner.

3. Objectives of the practice

To find some workable solution to mitigate the problem

4. The Practice  

Students are suggested to express their problem. According to similarity of problems, groups are created. They discuss and find out common points in their problems. Then with help of teachers some basic features are identified. After deliberation it is decided to chalk out some workable solutions.

We can take up awareness programmes, demonstrations of techniques, enacting of small acts. Students are trained in these techniques. Small groups students from nearby regions are again created to carry out some of the programmes during their vacation. They are told to bring the response.

5. Obstacles faced if any and strategies adopted to overcome them

Some students are shy to share their problems. So teachers interact personally to make them express their feelings.

Initially it is difficult to form a cohesive group. Some joint activities help them in bonding.

Some students are extremely weak in communication. Extra training is provided to them.

Some students tend to be aggressive. By involving them in some creative activities their aggression could be controlled.

6. Impact of the practice

Introvert student became expressive. Violent tendencies of students could be controlled. Values could be imparted to students. Parents appreciated the positive change in their wards. There was general appreciation of this effort by local communities too.

7. Resources required

This could be carried out with minimum resources. Extra time was invested in this. Sometimes costume and make up items were also used when enacting dramas. Some of the techniques need some tools which could be locally procured through philanthropy.



Best Practice-2

1. Response of College to communities in surrounding

2. The context that required the initiation of the practice

The college is situated in urban surrounding. It has very dense demography with very poor living condition. Educational and health awareness is very low. Religious and caste composition is also very diverse. Their lives should be benefitted by having a premier institute in their neighbourhood. Students also stay in these localities. This provides the institute to come in contact indirectly with people.

3. Objectives of the practice

Develop mechanism for some of reoccurring problems such as cleanliness drive, literacy mission, blood donation

4. The Practice

Students regularly visit these areas in groups and select a location to clean. After cleaning children are taught importance of cleanliness and efforts by local government in making a cleaner environment is highlighted.

College keeps information about the blood group of students and presents a platform to bring the needy and helping hand together. Regular blood donation camps are held in which students participate with enthusiasm

5. Obstacles faced if any and strategies adopted to overcome them (150 – 200 words)

There is constant financial need to maintain these activities but there are some philanthropic people who appreciate and come forward to support these activities.

6. Impact of the practice

Local population is in support of college and make the stay of student comfortable. Students help whenever any emergency comes up. This makes students responsible to needs of society.

7. Resources required

We need to use social media platform to keep connected. We need involvement of some senior and leaders of the society to make it success.