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Procedures and Policies

The college is holding regular meetings of various committees constituted to work towards construction, maintenance and repairing of Academic buildings.

Library - The requirement and list of books is taken from the concerned department and HOD’s are involved and further it is finalized, approved and signed by Principal.

Laboratories – The calibration, repairing and maintenance of lab equipments are done by the technicians and keep the record of the accounts of lab equipments by concerned department.

Sports Facilities – Sports committee has already been established and the committee is ensuring to provide indoor and outdoor sports facilities to the students and encouraging them to participate in the inter college sports competitions.

IT Facilities - To abstain from hampering the teachings and learning activities, college has been working on to develop the IT facilities which help teachers to take online classes as an alternate option. For the safety on the campus against the Covid-19 outbreak, college has ensured to follow the SOP guidelines, installation of sanitizing machines, sensitization amongst students and communities. And, it is always ensured to optimal utilization of the financial resources and other resources in the interest of students.